Private Instruction

Your mind is busy.  No problem.  Your body hurts.  No problem.  

Sometimes you struggle...

How shall you proceed?


Personalized support, whether utilized on occasion or with regularity, is a powerful aide for any person's life journey.  When we are having a difficult time, mindfulness is a tonic that can soothe us. When we feel lost or in need of inspiration to grow, meditation practice is a foundation from which we can creatively build.  We have the ability to simply begin again.  Again and again, we touch that fresh place of beginning.

-Connect with an experienced facilitator.  

-Establish or deepen your meditation practice.

-Safely share from your heart.  

-Explore questions.

-Gain information, skills and resources.  

-Transform your relationship to yourself and the others in your life.


Through guided practice, learn new mindfulness techniques tailored to suit your unique interests or needs.  Individualized yoga asana is also available as a supplemental method of practice, when necessary or desired. Phone sessions are also available.  Please make contact for additional information.